Pelvic Pain Counselling

Pelvic Pain Counselling

Pelvic Pain

You are not alone. Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) occurs in about 30% of reproductive age females.

About 1/3 of of the time there is a gynecological diagnosis, such as endometriosis. There are also other factors that join together to play a role in maintaining persistent pelvic pain. These include bowel and bladder conditions (IBS, BPS), musculoskeletal issues (PVD, SI joint), a central nervous system that has become sensitive (central sensitization), and psychosocial factors (changes to mental health, relationships).

Research shows that treatment for CPP is most effective when it involves a biopsychosocial approach. The psychosocial part involves emotional support and cognitive techniques (for grief & loss, trauma, relationships, mood), as well as mindfulness techniques and pain science education (for the nervous system). 

Research shows that psychosocial interventions can help you cope better with the fall out of persistent pain, and can help to change pain.

Sexual Pain

Female sexual pain can include vulvar, vaginal, or abdominal pain. This type of pain can:

  • Occur during, or after, sexual activity
  • Be long-standing or recent
  • Be always present or intermittent
  • “Always there” or provoked by something specific
  • Be felt deeply (at the cervix) or superficially (at the vaginal entrance or in the pelvic floor)

Sexual pain is common in those with other pelvic pain conditions such as endometriosis.

Sometimes vaginal or vulvar pain seems to have nothing to do with sexual activity, and occurs in other situations instead.

Whatever your experience, counselling can help you learn strategies to improve pain and sexual relationship.

Sexual Desire

Chronic pelvic or sexual pain can affect desire… not just for the person experiencing pain, but also for a caring partner who does not want to see you suffer.

Sexual desire can also be affected by infertility, fertility treatments, or pregnancy loss.

Meeting with a counsellor who has training in sex therapy and experience in reproductive & sexual health and fertility can help you gain support and strategies for improvement. 

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